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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Camille Grammer: My Kids Don't Realize Kelsey Isn't Coming Back


Camille Grammer's marriage to Kelsey Grammer fell apart as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills's cameras rolled over the summer while her husband was in New York, starring in Broadway's La Cage aux Folles and beginning a relationship with flight attendant Kayte Walsh, 29.

Now the newly minted reality star is speaking out about her heartbreak.

"This is my chance to tell my story and move on," Camille, 42, who has two children, Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, with Kelsey, 55, tells PEOPLE in an extensive interview. "Maybe it will be cathartic. Maybe this is part of my process."

When did you find out your marriage was over?
In June I got a phone call from a mutual friend in New York who was upset by behavior of his that she'd seen. I asked, "Is he leaving me?" and she said, "Yes." I called him but couldn't get through, so I texted him and asked him to please call me. Nothing. An hour later, I texted him again and he wrote: "I don't want to talk." I wrote, "We've been together for 14 years; I deserve an explanation." Finally, three hours later, he called me. He basically said, "I don't want to be married anymore."

How did you react?
I asked him if there was anything we could work on. I offered to go to therapy. Having children, I wasn't ready to throw in the towel. But his mind was already made up. I started crying and he said, "Oh, grow up." I said, "What about our children?" and he said, "They'll get over it." It was harsh.

How do you feel today?
I feel completely abandoned. I feel dismissed. This all happened very quickly for me. We don't even speak. He doesn't want to. For me, having two children together, it's very important that the two of us communicate. He only wants to communicate via e-mail, through our lawyers or a therapist who acts as a mediator.

How are your children reacting to the divorce?
They still don't realize he's not coming back. They think their daddy is busy doing a play. I'm trying to work with them on the concept that he's not going to come home the way they think he is. For my son, who is only 6, that's hard to understand. They've heard about his girlfriend, but the girlfriend to them is not real. How do you explain that to a 6-year-old and a 9-year-old? You can't lie. You have to be as truthful as possible, but you also have to be responsible.

How do you feel about your future?
I was scared at first, and there's still fear. But I'm excited about my future. That sounds weird, I know. But Kelsey was a very difficult man to have a relationship with. I miss him, but I don't want to look back anymore. Everything is new. I'm excited about rediscovering myself and becoming independent again.

For more on Camille Grammer, including why she wanted to go on TV and what she thinks of Kelsey's new girlfriend, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now

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Céline Dion Names Her Twins Eddy and Nelson


Meet Eddy and Nelson!

It took several days, but Céline Dion and her husband René Angélil have finally named their twin sons.

The name "Eddy" comes from Eddy Marnay, who produced the singer's first five records. "He was like a father to her," says Dion's rep. "Eddy is a major influence in both Céline and René's lives."

Nelson is named after Nelson Mandela, whom Dion met two years ago while kicking off her world tour in South Africa. "René said that in just the few minutes they were able to spend with him, they were impressed by the human being he is," says the rep.

"Céline and René want their children to be inspired by their names, because they were so inspired by these men," the rep adds.

Dion, 42, told French magazine Gala that the couple had been "going a little bit crazy trying to decide" on names, citing her mother's desire for French names and her eldest son, René-Charles, pushing for American monikers.

The singer, 42, gave birth to the fraternal twins on Saturday at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. On Wednesday, the newly expanded family headed home with three of Dion's sisters and her mom to help out.

The twins' names were first reported by Canada's TVA.

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Project Runway Picks a Winner!

The judges got heated while selecting the season-eight champion – and Heidi Klum called it the toughest decision in Project Runway history.

After finalists Andy South, Gretchen Jones and Mondo Guerra showed their looks at New York City Fashion Week, the judges – including guest judge Jessica Simpson – debated for what seemed like hours over which designer should win. So who did they pick? To many, it was a surprise.

Gretchen ended up winning the season, in a shocking upset over fan favorite Mondo (Andy had been eliminated first). The judges held a highly contentious discussion about the contestants' collections, with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia favoring Gretchen, and Klum and Simpson siding with Mondo. Klum was even ready to break out her boxing gloves!

Though Kors and Garcia argued that Gretchen was on-trend and in tune with what's now happening in fashion, Simpson wondered if the collection was too ready-to-wear. As for Mondo, Klum was convinced he was not only a skilled designer but editor, too, while Kors thought his looks were too costume-like. The decision ultimately came down to the fact that Gretchen's line was perhaps more commercial, whereas Mondo's customer wasn't as easily identifiable.

The new champ was grateful for her win, telling the judges she felt like "100,000 dollars."

"It's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me," she exclaimed.

Simpson promised that she and sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz would wear Gretchen's designs in the future, too. For his part, Mondo wasn't visibly upset, telling the cameras that although he didn't win Runway, he won "so much more." And as Klum said, there's definitely room for both their aesthetics in the fashion world.

Tell us: Did the right person win Project Runway?

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Rachel Dratch Reveals Her Son's Father

Rachel Dratch wasn't trying to be a Debbie Downer by keeping mum about the identity of her baby's father during her pregnancy. She was just trying to preserve his privacy.

But after giving birth to son Eli Benjamin on Aug. 24, the Saturday Night Live alum saw published reports about Eli's "unknown" father – and before she knew it, there were theories flying left and right about who the mystery man could be.

"People are expecting the craziest story," Dratch tells PEOPLE. "I just meant it's crazy for me!"

Eli's father, Dratch reveals to PEOPLE exclusively, is her boyfriend John Wahl, a California-based consultant to natural foods businesses. Dratch met him a year ago at a bar, and six months later – at age 43 – she was shocked to find herself pregnant.

"I had bought into all this stuff about, 'Once you're over 40...' " Dratch says of her chances of conception. "I'd gone through the whole process of letting go of [the idea of having kids]."

But today, she and Wahl – who has since moved to New York City to be closer to his girlfriend and 9-week-old son – are raising their baby together, and living a domestic life neither of them could have predicted.

"[Rachel] was resigned to the fact that this wasn't going to happen and had written it off," says Wahl, who was "completely floored" to hear that they were going to have a child. "That may add to the adrenaline and euphoria and excitement."

As for the couple's future, "the focus now is just surrounding Eli with love," says Wahl. "But you never know!"

For more details about Dratch's relationship – and exclusive photos of her with son Eli – pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday.

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Mariah Carey Feels 'Nauseous' and 'Exhausted'

 A day after confirming the pregnancy rumors about herself, Mariah Carey is feeling the physical effects of expecting a baby.

"Right now I feel nauseous, I'm exhausted," the singer said Friday on her husband's Rollin' with Nick Cannon radio show on 92.3 NOW.

Carey, who is currently promoting her new Merry Christmas II You album, says she'll stop working once the holidays are over: "I guess after New Year's," she said.

The five-time Grammy Award-winning singer, 41, also says she's been "insulated" from the outside world since sharing their baby news with the world.

"I didn't even look and see who contacted me," she said.

When it comes to Christmas, Cannon, 30, said the couple always celebrate lavishly, and this year's festivities will be even "bigger" than before because the couple has "lots to celebrate" – a sentiment echoed by his wife.

"Yes, we do," said Carey. "We definitely, most certainly do."

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Taylor Swift Quizzed on Jake Gyllenhaal by Ellen DeGeneres

By Stephen M. Silverman

Friday October 29, 2010 08:35 AM EDT

Taylor Swift Quizzed on Jake Gyllenhaal by Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres (left) and Taylor Swift

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Getting to the heart of the matter, Ellen DeGeneres doesn't let Taylor Swift off the hook when it comes to asking what's going on between the country superstar and Jake Gyllenhaal.

"Are you optimistic about love? How do you feel about love right now?" DeGeneres, addressing the topic at hand, asks Swift on The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode airing Monday.

"I'm always optimistic about love," responds Swift 20.

Confirming Swift's stance, DeGeneres repeats, "So you're always optimistic about love?"

"Yes, always, sometimes," says Swift, beginning to backtrack slightly.

"But right now you are?" asks DeGeneres.

"Well, why wouldn't anyone be?" says Swift, before DeGeneres boldly states, "Especially if your boyfriend is Jake Gyllenhaal, because he is very handsome."

But, DeGeneres concludes, "Y'all are just hanging out though, right?"

Swift acknowledges that she and Gyllenhaal were photographed together in New York last weekend. As the singer says to DeGeneres, "You have a picture of us on the [TV] screen, don't you?"

"Right," admits DeGeneres. "But it's just y'all hanging out – this does not prove anything. I'm just saying he's adorable and I like him very much, and so if that is the case that he's your boyfriend, I think that's fantastic."

Still, noting that Swift herself admits that she writes songs about her boyfriends once the relationships end, DeGeneres asks Swift on Gyllenhaal's behalf, "Wouldn't he be nervous if anything goes wrong?'

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Beth Holloway Felt Compelled to Confront Joran van der Sloot

Beth Holloway, mother of missing American teen Natalee Holloway, says she felt compelled to break into a Peru prison to confront Joran van der Sloot, the man suspected in the case of her daughter's 2005 disappearance.

Holloway describes being in Peru to visit the family of van der Sloot's alleged murder victim Stephany Flores Ramirez, 21, when a Dutch news crew offered her a chance to confront the suspect for the first time.

"You know you can't plan on doing something. That [opportunity] presented itself … and it was something that I felt, 'How could I not do it?' " she tells The Insider in an interview to begin airing Friday. "You know, I've traveled all this way."

Holloway reportedly visited van der Sloot for only five minutes in his Castro Castro prison cell, where the 22-year-old is awaiting trial. Van der Sloot then canceled the meeting because his lawyer was not present. Holloway's goal, she said, was to find closure – in the form of the location of her daughter's remains, to which she believes van der Sloot holds the key.

"I really felt like for me to move on, what I wanted to [do was] recover her remains," she says. "Because I was so heavy into this communication with [van der Sloot] about, you know, that he knows where her remains are."

Holloway recounts the email exchange between her and van der Sloot in the course of an alleged extortion plot, saying that he began emailing her in March with messages indicating "that he was ready, or wanting, to sell me Natalee's remains for $250,000." She says the emails went back and forth for several weeks until she decided to visit Peru.

Natalee Holloway's 24th birthday would have been this week. She was last seen alive with the young Dutchman on the Caribbean resort island of Aruba. He has publicly said several times that he killed Holloway before retracting his confessions.

Beth Holloway still doesn't have answers, and says she is left with only an idea of what happened. "I think that we all know that it was not good, the outcome for Natalee," she says.

"But it's something that you know is so important in a missing person's case is a resolution, whether it's recovery of remains … of course, everyone would love the outcome that they recover a missing loved one alive, but it just doesn't always happen that way. We know that."

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Gilles Marini Predicts Jennifer Grey Will Win Dancing with the Stars

 Gilles Marini came oh-so close to winning season 8 of Dancing with the Stars, but lost the mirror ball trophy to Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.

As a contestant who came on the show with no prior dance experience, the sexy Brothers & Sisters star, 34, says he wants someone in a similar situation to win the current season. But he's not very hopeful.

"I'd love to see a surprise, personally, but we kind of all know who is going to win," the season 8 runner-up told PEOPLE at Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times' Halloween Carnival at the Universal Studios back lot in Los Angeles. "We've known since this season started. Jennifer [Grey] is going to take it. She's really the dancer on the show. We'll see if anyone can step up to the plate in the last few weeks."

Adds Marini of Grey's Dirty Dancing past, "I like to see someone with not a lot of experience try their best, versus someone with a lot of experience. I really appreciate someone like me who's never danced before, coming out and trying."

Marini, who has never been shy about his active sex life, joked that he still likes to practice what he learned in the ballroom. "I dance in the bedroom, baby," he said with a laugh. "Every night."

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Demi & Ashton's Flirty N.Y.C. Evening

• Looks like they're going strong! Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were "affectionately flirting like a new couple" at the GQ Gentlemen's Ball in New York, an onlooker tells us. The duo, who spent the night cuddling and dancing, especially enjoyed B.o.B.'s rousing performance inside the Edison Ballroom.

Minka Kelly celebrated being named Sexiest Woman Alive at an Esquire magazine bash at New York's Gansevoort on Park Avenue, and she had her New York Yankees beau Derek Jeter supporting her all night. "They sat across from each other," an onlooker says, adding, "they had this amazing connection with each other." At one point, Kelly kneeled down next to Jeter at the table so they could take a shot together. The couple also kept requesting rap music from the deejay.

• True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten, working his Australian charm on the staff at New York's Stanton Social, where he was on a date. The actor started his meal off with shots of Don Julio tequila and oysters, followed by dinner, cocktails and dessert – plus a little dancing in his seat.

• Kate Moss, dining at Spice Market inside the W Doha in Qatar. The supermodel was enjoying jazz music by Dr. Gabs and even performed for the crowd, belting out the George Gershwin standard "Summertime" to a smattering of applause.

• The City's Olivia Palermo recently walked out of New York boutique 25 Park carrying more than $1000 worth of goodies, including clutches and jewelry. But the socialite spent most of her shopping trip gushing about her model boyfriend, Johannes Huebl.


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Do David and Victoria Beckham Have Their First Fight in 11 Years on Ellen?

If Victoria and David Beckham needed marriage counseling, is on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the best place for it?

Eleven years together aside, the "It" couple seemingly almost made a mess of their marriage on-air when they talked about cleaning the house.

"I'm very tidy, and she's not," Beckham, 35, tells DeGeneres in an interview airing Tuesday.

From her seat in the audience, the former Posh Spice, 36, fires back: "He always says that he is tidy, but you're not actually that tidy are you David?"

"We're going to have our first argument in 11 years," the soccer star says. But at least he's not playing the blame game: "I'm sure there are a lot of things that I do that drive her crazy," he adds.

The soccer stud, who sat on the sidelines at the World Cup this year due to an injury to his Achilles tendon, may have some apologizing to do – but at least he's on the track to physical recovery.

"I've never been out for so long before, so I kind of had to get myself around that because, like I said, I never had such a bad injury," he says. "There were moments when I thought maybe I won't play again, but I had so many positive people around – my friends, my family, my children, my wife."


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Charlie Sheen: I'm Fine, Thanks for Asking


Charlie Sheen has something to say about being hospitalized in New York.

"Oh my man, I’m fine," Sheen reportedly told a editor via text message when asked about his condition. "The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario."

Sheen, 45, was apparently found naked in his Plaza Hotel room and sent to a hospital Tuesday morning for what police sources say was intoxication and what his rep called an allergic reaction to medication. He was discharged Tuesday night and headed home to Los Angeles to return to work.

"I know what went down and that's where it will stay... under wraps," he wrote in his texts to RadarOnline.

Shortly before leaving New York on Tuesday, however, Sheen appeared to be curious about media reports.

"What are they saying?" he reportedly texted to an E! News reporter.

Once the reporter updated him, Sheen wrote back, "I got nothing to say about it sweetie," adding, "Thank U for your concern. . . XO"

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Greyson Chance Debuts First Single for Ellen DeGeneres

Greyson Chance Debuts First Single for Ellen DeGeneres Greyson Chance and Ellen DeGeneres

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Before his first single even hit airwaves, Greyson Chance had already been compared to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga – among pop's toughest acts to follow.

Tuesday morning, the hit maker-in-the-making, 13, debuted his first single, "Waiting Outside the Lines," on Tuesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"The song is really close to my heart," Chance tells DeGeneres, "and I'm just so excited that you get to see it."

The powerpop piano jam pays homage to the song that made him Youtube-famous in the first place: Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," which has hit viral jackpot – 32,000,000 and counting. It's the video that first captured Degeneres's attention, inspiring her to kick-start her own record label just to sign him.

But the fresh-faced pop star isn't just spitting out bubblegum ballads. Another one of his songs, "Purple Sky," tackles the ever-relevant bullying issue.

"It's … saying a normal sky is a blue sky, but it's saying that a 'purple sky' is different but it's still beautiful in it's own way," he says. "The whole meaning of the song is when kids are feeling these horrible things and people are calling them names and being so cruel and judgmental. I want kids late at night, when they're crying and they feel so low, to listen to the song and just go it's going to get better – it's okay."?

It's an issue that's close to his heart, although he said he was never bullied "that bad."?

"It was just name-calling but it's still hurts," he says. "It's just such an important thing. We need to stand up for this. We're losing lives, and it's not fair."

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Jennifer Mee, 'Hiccup Girl,' Baited Murder Victim, Say Police

 Jennifer Mee

Splash News Online

Shannon Griffin moved to St. Petersburg, Fla., about a year ago from Petal, Miss. He took a job at a Walmart Supercenter. He got his GED. He enrolled in college classes.

When the 22-year-old was lured from his house Saturday night by Jennifer Mee, 19, the woman he met online and to the world was known as the "Hiccup Girl," he had less than $60 in his wallet.

As Mee, along with two men, faces first-degree murder charges for the slaying of Griffin, 22, police say she was a co-conspirator in this robbery gone wayside, reports the St. Petersburg Times. Griffin suffered four gunshot wounds – but police do not know who pulled the trigger.

Mee and the two men involved, Lamont Newton, 22, and Laron Raiford, 20, are being held without bail, and Mee admitted to luring Griffin to an empty home to rob him, police say.

It's an image difficult to associate with the 15-year-old who made multiple visits to NBC's Today in 2007, searching for remedies to cure her six-week hiccups marathon. This is the same girl who couldn't go to school because she was hiccupping up to 50 times a minute.

But according to police reports, a lot has happened since Mee was "Hiccup Girl." In 2008, she was placed in a psychiatric hospital, and earlier this year, she went missing for a day. Mee was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, according to police reports.

According to police, Mee is no longer suffering from the hiccups, reports ABC News. She has a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

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Dancing with the Stars: Bristol Palin Bounces Back

After losing her footing in a monkey suit and earning only 18 points – a score low enough to land her in final place – last week, Bristol Palin returned to Dancing with the Stars Monday and rocked the tango to Orianthi's "According to You" with partner Mark Ballas.

Carrie Ann Inaba said the routine was "ridiculously amazing," while Bruno Tonioli called it her "best performance" so far in the competition – and their score, a personal best with 23 points, reflected that sentiment.

Still, Mark and Bristol's best wasn't enough to put them in first place on Rock Week. Once again, Brandy rolled away at the top of the leader board after earning the night's highest score and dominating the dance marathon.

The singer and her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, left Carrie Ann covered in goose bumps after their tango to "I Need a Hero." The judge called the performance "very impressive," and Len Goodman agreed, proclaiming their routine "the dance of the night." The judges dished out an eight and two nines (the only nines of the night) to the duo, and Brandy let slip a few happy tears.

The singer admitted that after an emotional week of rehearsals, the pressure to win is starting to get to her. "But Maks helped me through it," she told host Brooke Burke.

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani tied with Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke for the second-place spot this week after each pair scored all eights. The judges encouraged the reality star to work on her character development after her paso doble to Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" left them wanting more.

"You've got the potential to blow us away," Len told Audrina. "But you've got to work on that character and get into it."

Bruno joked that Rick and Cheryl's tango to "You Really Got Me" gave him whiplash, but Carrie Ann called the routine "really, really well done."

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer shared the third spot on the leader board with Bristol and Mark. Both couples earned two eights and a seven – landing just one point shy of a four-way tie for second place. The judges praised Kyle for his improved footwork during the tango but encouraged him to find the right balance between performance and technique.

Meanwhile, perennial leaders Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough slipped into the bottom two after a missed step threw the pair off at the end of their routine. "It was a rough, rough ride," Carrie Ann said of their paso doble to Pink's "So What."

Even a visit from rock star Bret Michaels couldn't help Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya during Rock Week. "You looked like you're doing karate," Bruno joked of their paso doble to "The Final Countdown." The judges dished out straight sixes to the duo, which prompted loud booing from the studio audience.

After all the dancers performed their first routine, they competed in a marathon competition for ten extra points. Brandy and Maks claimed victory by out lasting Jennifer and Derek, who has won the marathon the last two years in a row. The dancers were knocked out in the following order: Kurt and Anna, Bristol and Mark, Rick and Cheryl, Kyle and Lacey, Audrina and Tony, and Jennifer and Derek.

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Christina Aguilera Takes Her Dancers Clubbing in Vegas

• After performing at Justin Timberlake's charity concert in Las Vegas, newly single Christina Aguilera was still in the mood to party. The singer took her crew of dancers and close friends to Tao to blow off some steam. Aguilera sported a skintight dress and waved to the crowd from her skybox as the deejay gave her a shout-out, announcing that the "sexiest lady in the world is in the house." The crowd also snapped pictures of Aguilera, who stayed out until almost 3 a.m.

• Britney Spears was enjoying a night out too – at the Mondrian Hotel in L.A. The singer stopped by SkyBar with a younger guy but sans entourage or security. Spears, who sported a green turtleneck, stuck to juice and hung out poolside, occasionally approaching the deejay booth to check out the action as DJ Lindsay Luv spun.

• John Mayer went out with his guy friends, hanging out at the Saturday Night Live afterparty at Matsuri inside New York's Maritime Hotel. The singer and his buddy snacked on a huge platter of sushi and mostly kept to himself, ignoring other revelers like host Emma Stone and Blake Lively. Mayer later whipped out his American Express Black Card and split the bill with his friend.

• Lively, meanwhile, was doing some candle shopping with her Gossip Girl costar and real-life boyfriend Penn Badgley in N.Y. The couple stopped into Henry Bendel's where they loaded up on the store's signature holiday candles and also New York City Trash, a white chocolate-covered snack mix.

• It was a Real Housewives bonding session at Red O in L.A. where New York City star Bethenny Frankel was dining with Beverly Hills's Kyle Richards. The ladies, who have been friends for years, were seated with a handful of guys, but talked amongst themselves and also laughed and happily chatted up fans who approached.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kara DioGuardi to Judge New Song-Writing Show

Less than two months after exiting American Idol, Kara DioGuardi is heading back to television as the head judge on Going Platinum, a new song-writing competition on Bravo, the network confirms.

"Hit songs are the backbone of the music industry, and as a publisher, nothing excites me more than finding new songwriting talent," DioGuardi says. "I am happy to be a part of a show that helps up and coming songwriters pursue their dreams, while giving the public a look into the creative process."

Jewel will host the show and help judge the competition, along with a music executive and celebrity guests. Going Platinum starts taping this month and will premiere in 2011.

The show will follow 12 musicians as they write music and lyrics for different genres, from hip-hop to love songs to dance tracks. The winner will receive a $100,000 prize, as well as music-publishing and recording deals.

A source familiar with the show says it's a good fit for DioGuardi because "at heart, she's a songwriter. Idol was performance-driven. This isn't just about finding the next big singer – it's about finding a hit maker, and she loves to nurture talent."

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Paul the Octopus Dies


Paul, the Psychic Octopus, who correctly called the winners of last summer's World Cup, has died. He would have been 3 in January.

"Management and staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre were devastated to discover that oracle octopus Paul, who achieved global renown during the recent World Cup, had passed away overnight," the aquarium in Germany said in a statement Tuesday. No further details were given.

Born in January 2008 in Weymouth, England, Paul accurately forecast the results of all but two of Germany's games during Euro 2008 (he slipped up on predicting the defeats to Croatia and Spain). At this summer's World Cup, he maintained a perfect record, correctly predicting all of Germany's results before picking Spain to beat Netherlands in the final.

Paul's method: His caretakers at the Sea Life Centre placed a mussel in each of two clear plastic containers within his tank, and each container was marked with the flag of the competing soccer team. Paul always took his first mussel from the container bearing the flag of the team he "knew" would win.
– Stephen M. Silverman

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Wedding: Fact Vs. Fiction

 With few tantalizing morsels coming out of Russell Brand and Katy Perry's weekend wedding, rumors about what went on at the Indian nuptials are running rampant.

The basics, of course, are undisputed: Brand, 35, and birthday girl Perry, who turned 26 on Monday, "were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Brand on Saturday, October 23," reps for the couple confirmed. "The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples' closest family and friends, was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India."

But from there, speculation ensued. Perhaps one of the most sensational claims of the week was a report that Brand surprised his bride by buying a tiger named Machli, which means fish. But, alas, that is not true.

While the couple stayed at a resort near India's Ranthambhore wildlife sanctuary, in a region known for its tiger population, tigers as wild, protected animals and cannot be bought – even by a wealthy celebrity.

Another misconception? That the multi-day festivities went on for a lengthy six days. The couple did spoil their guests with music, performances and safaris, but they weren't even in the country long enough to host a week-long extravaganza. Brand and Perry landed in India on Wednesday and were spotted again at the airport on Monday.

On the subject of partying, a third rumor claimed there was an "investigation" by local authorities into noise pollution caused by the wedding party. Not true, sources tell PEOPLE. There was no such investigation launched and no reports of any such disruption caused by the wedding.

Reporting by AMRIT DHILLON

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Jenna Von Oy: I Almost Ruined My Wedding Proposal

Jenna von Oy's down-home wedding was pitch perfect – but the former Blossom actress nearly spoiled her fiancé's planned proposal.

"He was so cute," says von Oy, who wed Dell computer data consultant Brad Bratcher in Newtown, Conn., on Oct. 10. "He mulled over all these ideas and ultimately realized who we are as a couple: It's just about being at home with our five dogs."

So on New Year's Eve, during a romantic night in, Bratcher got down on one knee and popped the question – but not without a few snafus.

"I almost ruined it," says von Oy, laughing, as she recalls how she almost called her parents (whose permission Bratcher had requested) before he proposed. "He was afraid if I called them, as soon as [my mom] answered the phone, I would know."

Bratcher managed to convince von Oy not to call her parents yet, and then ran downstairs to change into a sports coat for the big moment.

"He's such a gentleman," she says. "Even though I was in these sweatpants and slippers with pompoms, he felt the need to dress up because it was important to him that I understood the respect in it."

Von Oy almost ruined that, too, when she started to come down the stairs to see what Bratcher was doing. He quickly ripped off his jacket so she wouldn't get suspicious, then put it on again when she wasn't looking.

For the actual proposal "he blindfolded me and sat me down on our favorite chair and said to all our dogs, 'Come in here kids, I need you!' " she says. "Miraculously, they all somehow innately knew it was important, and all five of them were sitting around me with him on his knee when he took the blindfold off."

"He said, 'I can't imagine leaving 2009 and going into 2010 without asking you to be my wife,' " she continues. "He's very romantic and so overwhelmingly honest and good. He didn't say that because he'd thought about it over and over. He said that on the fly because that's just in his heart."

Von Oy says the two will celebrate their union in May (when Bratcher can take two consecutive weeks off) with a romantic honeymoon to France and Italy. But don't expect them to spend too much time sightseeing.

"He's never been to Europe," she says. "He said, 'For our honeymoon, I just want to sit in the countryside with you and have wine.' "

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Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf End Their Relationship

Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf have said goodbye to their romance, PEOPLE has confirmed. The Transformers star and the Never Let Me Go actress, who were first linked in August 2009 after being spotted kissing at a New York restaurant, called it quits "some time ago," according to sources.

Since the split, Mulligan has been in Los Angeles shooting the indie film Drive, opposite Ryan Gosling. She checked in to the Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel for a few days while the film shot nearby.

"I don't know why people are so down on the Best Western," Mulligan joked to PEOPLE at Monday's Hollywood Film Awards in L.A., where she presented her Never Let Me Go costar Andrew Garfield with an award. "They have the best sweet potato fries I've ever had."

The hotel is known for its 101 Coffee Shop, which was featured in 1996's Swingers and is a popular late night diner for young Hollywood.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is Smitten with New Beau

She’s kept her new relationship relatively quiet, but over the weekend, Jennifer Love Hewitt attended the Dodge Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon with Alex Beh.

The “Ghost Whisperer” gal and her actor/director beau explained that they decided to run the race together because “We’re crazy!”

“We are really excited about all the charities involved, and we heard the Rock N Roll marathon was really fun and just sort of silly and a great way to stay in shape.”

As for how she met Mr. Beh, J. Love shared it was “through friends at a dinner party,” and things just grew from there.

Alex confessed that “her eyes, her beauty” were what first attracted him to Hewitt, though she thought it may be “my running ability!”

Enjoy the pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alex Beh at the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon (October 24).

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren Conrad & Kyle Howard: Still Going Strong

Enjoying a leisurely afternoon together, Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard were spotted out at the Malibu Market yesterday (October 24).

The “LA Candy” bestselling author and her handsome boyfriend looked cool and casual as they carried their purchases out to their car.

In career news, Lauren is releasing yet another collection of apparel under the moniker Paper Crown, and it’s snazzy.

She explained, "My new line, Paper Crown, will really cater more to the special occasion dress. I love designing everyday clothes for Kohl's, but sometimes it is fun to have that special dress or splurge every once in a while."

Enjoy the pictures of Lauren Conrad out in Malibu with boyfriend Kyle Howard (October 24).

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Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: Philippe Chow Partiers

Stepping out for Monica Arnold’s birthday part, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom were spotted at Philippe Chow restaurant last night (October 24).

The Reality TV hottie and her LA Lakers hubby looked fabulous as they mingled at the West Hollywood eatery as the paparazzi looked on.

Last night’s outing coincided with the Season 5 Finale of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians, bringing an end to another exciting run from the drama-infused Armenian family.

Earlier in the week, Khloe wrote her sister Kim a loving message on her website in honor of her birthday. "Happy happy happy birthday to my beloved, beautiful big sister Kim!!!! If anyone deserves a wonderful birthday, it's you Kimmie. You're 30-years-old today and look how much you've accomplished (sic).

"I'm beyond proud of you, you deserve every gift you've been given. You are one of the kindest, funniest and most genuine people I know and I am so lucky to have you as a sister. I hope you have the most amazing birthday and I can't wait to celebrate again. WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Love you more than anything."

Enjoy the pictures of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom at Monica Arnold's birthday party (October 24).

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Mark Wahlberg: Pumpkin Patch Papa

Getting into the Autumn spirit, Mark Wahlberg was spotted at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood on Saturday (October 23).

The “Boogie Nights” actor took his lovely family along and enjoyed all the seasonal offerings of the popular Halloween spot.

During the course of the day, Mark and his daughter Ella Rae Wahlberg also hung out with Justin Bieber at Variety’s 4th Annual Power of Youth event at Paramount Studios before hitting up a Pottery Barn Halloween fete.

As for his rap star, underwear-prancing past, Mark says it’s all over. “I promise faithfully: I won’t ever record a CD of rap music again and I will never work as an underwear-model again.”

Enjoy the pictures of Mark Wahlberg and family enjoying a full day on the town (October 24).

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Happy 26th Birthday Katy Perry!

It has been a really big year for Katy Perry, and today (October 25) she is celebrating her 26th birthday!

And to make things even sweeter on her special day, the “Hot N Cold” songstress got hitched to Russell Brand over the weekend.

According to Radar, Katy & Russell’s wedding ceremony was nothing short of magnificent, as they said “I Do” at the Aman-i-Khas resort in India.

The love birds had all kinds of traditional Indian singers and instrumentalists performing throughout the day, and even brought in elephants and horses for the affair.

As wedding gifts to each other, Perry bought Brand a baby elephant, while Russell hooked his new wife up with a Bengal tiger named Machli.

Katy and Russell’s rep told press they were "overjoyed to confirm that they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Brand on Saturday, October 23.”

"The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples' closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India."

Prior to the wedding, Russell shared, "Really, love between two people is the most spectacular and ordinary thing in the world. I want to make our wedding just about me and her loving each other and we're getting married in front of our friends and family and keeping it normal. So it ain't selling the pictures, ain't doing no pre-nup."

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Matt Damon Dishes On Raising Daughters

He’s now the proud papa to four girls, and Matt Damon has high hopes for his ladies as they grow up.

The “Bourne Identity” stud told People magazine, "If I had a bucket list, I'd say raising my four girls to be strong, good women would be No. 1."

"I think what's important for kids to know is that your decisions here on earth matter, your behavior matters, and how you treat other people matters.”

"It matters here and I'm hoping that it matters in the afterlife, too. It just comes down to accountability for your own behavior that's important. So whenever I talk to my own kids or whenever they ask, I try and put the hereafter in kind of an ethical framework."

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Oksana Grigorieva Gets Playboy Offer

She made a name for herself with her scandal-plagued relationship with Mel Gibson, and now Oksana Grigorieva is being courted by Playboy.

The former girlfriend of the "Lethal Weapon" actor has reportedly been propositioned to pose for a fully nude spread for the men's magazine.

According to TMZ reports, the Russian beauty would also be featured on the cover of the issue - with the offer being for $75,000.

At this point, there's been no response from Oksana's camp - with Miss Grigorieva currently being in the midst of legal matters with her ex, Gibson.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Blake Shelton Is the Grand Ole Opry's Newest Member

His famous fiancée Miranda Lambert couldn't make it, but Blake Shelton's mama, daddy, sister – and 4,000 fans – celebrated the singer as he became the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Saturday night.

Shelton opened the iconic American program with "It's All About Tonight," then came back later to join buddy Trace Adkins on their duet "Hillbilly Bone."

"I don't have a whole lot of friends in this business because I tell people what I think," said Adkins, who presented his pal with the honor. "I tell Blake what I think and he don't care. He still talks to me."

Added Adkins: "It means the world to me to say Blake Shelton, you're the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry!"

An emotional Shelton – who put on a necktie for the special occasion – held the bronze-and-oak Opry Member Award and struggled to express how profound the honor was to him.

"This is the reason you come to Nashville if you're me. This is what I wanted from the beginning, to make a mark," he said. "I get the same feeling walking into the Opry House as I do when I see one of my heroes. The Grand Ole Opry is an artist, and I am proud to be one of its songs."

Shelton closed the show with his ballad "Home." His new greatest hits album, Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton, will be released Nov. 9.

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Samantha Harris: Daughter Josselyn Is My Little Yoga Buddy

Tony DiMaio/Startraks

Samantha Harris has maintained an impressive figure throughout her pregnancy with her second child, due in January. But the Entertainment Tonight correspondent, 36, gets by with a little help from a friend.

“My 3-year-old daughter actually does a very good down dog,” Harris tells PEOPLE of her yoga-loving youngster Josselyn Sydney.

“She’s interested in whatever Mommy’s doing. She actually knows my friend Patrick’s DVDs by name, so she’ll say, ‘Let’s do Patrick’s video.’ Or she’ll say, ‘Mommy, let’s turn this one off. Let’s do yoga instead.’ She knows [I] likes to exercise and she knows what exercise is, and she’s really great about helping [me] out when she can.”

But the svelte correspondent admits she has a soft spot for more than just working out.

“I do have a weakness,” Harris explains. “When I go to the Entertainment Tonight set, I go to the craft services table where they have these really great chocolate-covered old-fashioned doughnuts. I take them and I eat a chunk out of it. I don’t eat the whole thing, but I definitely cut myself a nice slice of it.”

Harris, who says she doesn’t overdo it, also likes to dabble in another sweet treat. “I end up making another sweep past the craft services table for some M&Ms.”

-– Dahvi Shira

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Couples Watch: 50 Cent & Chelsea Handler Party with Her Pals

• Are they or aren't they? Comedienne Chelsea Handler and maybe-beau 50 Cent didn't do anything to clear up relationship rumors as they partied together at Backstage Bar & Grill in Culver City, Calif., during a recent birthday celebration for one of Handler's friends.

• That's sweet! Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee Furness, strolling down Perry Street in New York's West Village hand-in-hand after making a coffee run together.

• Entourage star Adrian Grenier and a mystery date enjoyed drinks near the fireplace at New York eatery La Lanterna di Vittorio. The actor ordered Sambuca, while she had the restaurant's signature hot toddy made with Jim Beam bourbon, honey, lemon and cinnamon.

• Strike! Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor had a ball bowling Thursday night at the 13th annual Project ALS benefit at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in New York City. "They were very cute together," says a source, who spotted the pair cozying up on a couch during a snack break. "You could clearly tell they love each other."

• Newly engaged Maria Sharapova, flashing her ring during a stroll through Venice, Calif., with her fiancé, L.A. Lakers shooting guard Sasha Vujacic. The beaming couple held hands as they ran errands together.

• Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and fiancée Adrienne Williams had a blast at Miami's Dress for Success charity event at the Epic Hotel. "Adrienne was co-chair of the event and it was cute how Chris was supporting her efforts and just being there for her," a source tells us. "He was proud of her and also signed autographs for fans."


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Bachelor Pad's Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke Are Open to Marriage, Babies


They set out into the reality-show wilderness looking for love – one on The Bachelor and the other on The Bachelorette – and they both ended up as hard-luck runners-up. Then they put their hearts aside and teamed up to chase a cash prize on Bachelor Pad, and once again fell just shy of the top spot. But according to Tenley Molzahn, she and beau Kiptyn Locke have put their silver-medal days behind them.

"Kiptyn is one of the greatest things that has happened to me," she told PEOPLE while at the Bags, Braids and Boobs Design-A-Bag for Breast Cancer event in Beverly Hills recently. "We make a really good team, and we're going for the gold someday, and hopefully we'll do that together."

After a crash course in disappointment on Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor, Molzahn, 26, has decided that dating shouldn't be about futility as much as much as it should be about finality, and she's confident she's found "The One" in Locke, 32.

"You need to date the ones that you think you can marry," she says. "I don't believe in dating someone if you can't see them in your future. I think that dating someone is all about getting to know somebody so that they can become part of your future and not just a part of your past."

Their secret to happiness in a relationship starts with not having a slew of camera's around, mixed with plenty of laughter, and ends with Locke showing off the piloting skills that Pavelka never had.

"On those shows you go straight into meeting the parents and talking about marriage, and there's so much pressure," Molzahn says. "But with the two of us together it's just laughter all night long. We can stay in and we'll end up doing circus tricks! We do the airplane thing where he has me flying by holding me up by his legs."

And though her sights are set on taking the "gold," Molzahn is thankful for her relationship with Locke regardless of where they end up.

"We're both very open to what this could be," she says with a smile. "Marriage someday, babies someday, and if not, we'll be fine with that because there's so much more to Kiptyn than I think people realize. He's so attentive and supportive, he has blessed me in my life right now."

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Matt Damon and His Wife Welcome a Baby Girl

Dave Allocca/Startraks

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana have their hands full.

The couple, already raising three children, welcomed a girl, Stella Zavala Damon, who was born on Wednesday in New York.

"Mom and baby are both healthy," Damon's rep tells PEOPLE. "The whole family is thrilled."

Damon, who turned 40 earlier this month, and Luciana, 35, wed in 2005 and have two children together – Isabella, 4, and Gia, 2. Luciana also has a daughter, Alexia, from a previous marriage.

Damon currently stars in Hereafter, which opened wide on Friday.

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Get Married

It's official! Russell Brand and Katy Perry tied the knot Saturday night in India.

Brand, 35, and Perry, 25, "were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Brand on Saturday, October 23," the couple said in a statement. "The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples' closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India."

The couple exchanged vows at a luxury resort. Earlier in the day, two elephants named Laxmi and Mala were seen arriving at the resort. As the animals walked into the venue, a red carpet was rolled out for them. "Mala is a bit skittish and hates crowds but she managed to behave herself," a source told PEOPLE.

In a traditional Indian wedding procession, known as the "bharat," the bridegroom and his male relatives and friends walk to the spot where the bride awaits. The bridegroom is often on a white horse, but an elephant is considered an even grander, more magnificent mode of transportation – the maharajas, or Indian royals, traditionally arrived at weddings on elephants.

The sound of Indian instruments – including the sitar, the santoor, the tabla and kettle drums – and the singing of traditional Rajasthani folk musicians could be heard from deep inside the Aman-i-Khas resort, along with some sacred Vedic chanting and the occasional burst of applause and cheering by the guests.

At the entrance, the trees lining the path into the venue were lit up with white and gold lights.  The elephants at Katy Perry and Russell Brand's wedding in India

In the days leading up to the nuptials, Brand and Perry have been pulling out all the stops.

The couple celebrated Friday night with a Bollywood-themed party at the Aman-i-Khas. Brand wore a white "kurta pyjama," an Indian outfit of loose informal trousers and a long baggy tunic, while Perry donned a plain red sari. Many of the guests were also in similar outfits.

"The young children looked very pretty, with the boys wearing small turbans too," says Rafiq Khan, who was inside the party as part of a musical tribute to the couple.

When guests arrived they were greeted with a colorful welcome: acrobats and jugglers in Indian outfits.

"As the guests entered, my troupe of drum players played the our Nagara drums (Indian kettle drums) to welcome them," says Khan.

Brand and Perry have have also treated guests to song and dance performances, shopping and even safaris.

Reporting by AMRIT DHILLON

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prince William and Kate Middleton Step Out for a Wedding

It may not have been her wedding, but Kate Middleton beamed a wide smile as she joined Prince William at the nuptials of a close friend in England on Saturday.

The couple, both 28, who have been dating on and off for about eight years, lit up the English countryside just a day after getting back from a safari break in Kenya, Africa.

Middleton appeared every inch the princess-to-be in a bright blue dress, fitted black jacket, sky-scraping heels and a huge hat adorned with feathers.

"She looked so happy," an observer tells PEOPLE.

The prince was dapper in conservative tailcoat and purple tie, smiling for fans and photographers as he arrived with Middleton at the church in Northleach.

"They were both so relaxed, and she looked incredibly demure by his side," adds another observer, royals author Judy Wade. "She was very much his fair lady in her big picture hat. You get the impression it's the sort of wedding they would wish they could have – in Gloucestershire with friends, rather than a big formal wedding in central London."

The couple were at the service for friends Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford at St. Peter and St. Paul church in Northleach, Gloucestershire. At the end of the ceremony, the pair walked away from the church to give the waiting photographers a clear shot.

Might a royal wedding be next? For now, the British heir and his love are happy to keep everyone guessing.

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Social Network's Armie Hammer: My Wife Keeps Me Grounded

He's getting raves for playing Harvard-turned-Olympic rowers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in the hit film The Social Network, but off-screen Armie Hammer is tackling another new role: husband.

"I was always the guy who thought I'd never get married because [I thought], 'There's never going to be one woman worth giving up all the others,' " says the great-grandson of mogul Armand Hammer. "But she knocked me off my feet."

Hammer, 24, wed journalist Elizabeth Chambers in May, during the filming of The Social Network – right before filming a particularly grueling rowing scene.

"Ten days after the honeymoon, of just lounging by the pool and drinking out of coconuts, I became the moon-faced guy," Hammer laughs, remembering the stellar physical condition he was in prior to the trip. "The rowing coach looked at me and goes, 'What the hell did you do?!' For a week and a half, it was double duty just trying to get me back into shape, and I have to say, that was the worst week and a half I've ever experienced!"

Today, Hammer is enjoying the rave reviews his movie is getting (some people have even argued he deserves an Oscar for portraying two men!), and life at home with his wife.

"[My apartment] is a home now, which is so much better," he says. "The kitchen is not just a room anymore – it actually holds food! It's not just where you keep your beer!"

"My wife comes from a foodie family so I've been indoctrinated into that," he continues. "I had sweetbreads the other night, and I have to say, not my favorite thing in the world. You're eating a gland."

And while they may not share the same palette, he and his wife complement each other perfectly, Hammer says.

"She's incredibly supportive," he gushes. "I couldn't be more blessed."

For more about Armie Hammer – PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man of the Week – pick up this week’s copy of the magazine, on newsstands now

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Bruce Willis Taught His Daughters How to Deal with Bullying

Don't mess with Bruce Willis's girls: That's the message the actor shared while revealing the advice he gave his daughters, Rumer, 22, Scout, 19, and Tallulah, 16.

"I taught them to walk up to any young guy who's shoving you around on the playground and scream in their face that it's not okay to be mean," the actor said Thursday while promoting his action flick, Red, in England. "[It] works, too"

But Willis, 55, who wed for a second time in April 2009, isn't afraid to play the tough guy when necessary.

He joked on the British TV show Daybreak, that he'd "kill" anyone who messed with his children, and said his kids "keep me young" and make "fun of my age." His girls – their mom is Demi Moore – also tease him about his baldness.

"They like to play with my hair," he said. "And from time to time I'm forced to remind them that maybe I just got lucky because I don't have to spend so much time getting my hair done."

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Lindsay Lohan: I Can't Afford to Stay at Betty Ford

 Lindsay Lohan may be making strides toward a healthy lifestyle, but it's coming at a price.

Lohan, 24, was ordered back to the Betty Ford Center on Friday instead of given more jail time, but the actress's probation report raises questions about how much longer she can stay at the pricey desert facility.

"She indicates she can not afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work," says the report.

Prior to Friday's hearing, Lohan had requested that she move into outpatient care after her 30-day stay at Betty Ford ended this weekend. Instead, Superior Court Judge Elden Fox ordered her to remain there through at least Jan. 3.

This will have kept her there for about three months; a 90-day stay typically costs $53,000.

"[Lohan says] her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product," the probation report states.

But a source tells PEOPLE Lohan has continued to work on her 6126 line from rehab, even having a concept meeting for her fall 2011 collection recently with her business partner Kristi Kaylor.

"Lindsay is still seeing income from the line, and it's doing three times better than originally expected," the source says. "It's keeping her busy and productive."

Lohan also had a movie set to begin filming in November, presumably the Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, and that she "is claiming that continued inpatient treatment would be a hardship financially, and damaging to her career," according to the report.

Dr. Lee Sadja, who dealt with Lohan during her stay at the UCLA Medical Center, believes the longer [Lohan] is at the Betty Ford Center, the better. "There was some denial regarding her drug addiction. [She] needs to continue to work on her issues in order to save her life," the report says.

Gary Richman, a chemical dependency counselor who also worked with Lohan, agrees the actress is not ready to leave the clinic.

Richman believes "she has a lot of growing up to do," the report says. "[She] finally began to talk about feeling powerless and about being an addict ... She must make several changes in her life in order to succeed, especially coming from a family of dysfunction."

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Céline Dion Gives Birth to Healthy Twin Boys

Céline Dion is a mom again – times two!

The singer, 42, gave birth to fraternal twin boys on Saturday at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Fla., at 11:11 a.m. and 11:12 a.m., her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"Celine, René and their son René-Charles are thrilled," says her rep.

One of the babies weighed in at 5 lbs., 4 oz., with the other at 5 lbs., 10 oz.

Dion's doctor, Ronald Ackerman, said at a press conference outside the hospital Friday evening that the delivery, done via C-section, went as expected. He also revealed that the twins were both born with a good amount of hair.

The twins are healthy, says Dion's rep, but will spend the next few days in an incubator because they were born premature.

"Celine is resting now and they plan to discuss what to name the boys when she wakes up," the rep adds. "René-Charles has been to the hospital to visit his brothers and is just so excited they are here."

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Did Zach Galifianakis Want Mel Gibson's Hangover 2 Cameo Canceled?

While Jodie Foster may consider Mel Gibson "the most loved man in the film business," apparently not everyone shares her opinion. Zach Galifianakis, who helped steal last year's runaway comedy hit The Hangover, sounds like he's among them.

In a Comedy Death Ray podcast interview that the shaggy haired funnyman gave (and which was posted in two parts, on Oct. 15 and 22), Galifianakis delivers a pointed comment about the making of The Hangover 2, which was to have featured a cameo by Gibson. That appearance was subsequently canceled almost as soon as news about Gibson's casting was announced.

Ostensibly on Comedy Death Ray to promote his new movie with Robert Downey Jr., Due Date, Galifianakis explains to interviewer Scott Aukerman that although he was excited by the success of The Hangover, he's not into a lot of the showbiz scene. Furthermore, he's against too much gunplay in movies, and he's even declined several roles on moral grounds.

When it comes to "a movie you're acting in," says Galifianakis, 41, "you don't have a lot of control – you just show up and vomit your lines out. I mean, I'm not the boss. I'm in a deep protest right now with a movie I'm working on, up in arms about something. But I can't get the guys to ... I'm not making any leeway."

When Aukerman starts to reveal the title of the movie, Hangover 2, Galifianakis stops him cold.

"It has something to do with a movie I'm working on, yeah," concedes Galifianakis. "I'll tell you about it later. It's very frustrating."

"I'd love to hear about it," responds Aukerman.

In announcing that Gibson would not be appearing in the Hangover sequel – reputedly in the role of a Bangkok tattoo artist – the movie's director, Todd Phillips, who also directed Due Date, said, "I thought Mel would have been great in the movie. But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew."

Phillips did not name the individual – or individuals – who objected to the hiring of Gibson, who has weathered a storm of bad publicity over his personal life.

Besides Galifianakis, the sequel is scheduled to reunite stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha.

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Lindsay Lohan Takes Rehab Break for Court Hearing

 A somber Lindsay Lohan left a desert rehab program and arrived at a Beverly Hills courthouse Friday for a hearing on whether she'll spend more time in treatment or go back to jail for her DUI case.

Wearing a black blazer and dark blue skinny jeans, the troubled starlet was ordered to appear in person for the probation violation hearing for failing a drug test.

She has voluntarily spent the last three weeks at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif. – at least her fifth time in rehab – after she bailed out of jail on Sept. 24.

Superior Court Judge Elden Fox can send Lohan back to treatment or to the women's jail where she had spent nearly two weeks.

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Jersey Shore Season 3: Will You Watch?

By Rennie Dyball

Friday October 22, 2010 12:45 PM EDT

The Jersey Shore season 3 cast

PA Photos/Landov

With an aggressive alligator, a plate of frog legs, some final night fireworks, and one last holler of "the cabs are here!" the Jersey Shore bid viewers farewell Thursday night.

For a couple of months, anyway.

Season 3 of MTV's highly successful series will premiere on Jan. 6, with a new roommate, Deena Nicole Cortese, joining the cast. The gang will also return to their original digs in Seaside Heights, N.J.

While Jersey Shore has produced huge ratings for the network, many fans find the show isn't what it used to be. Will the third time still be a charm for the show?

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Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Rehab, Not Jail

 Lindsay Lohan

Splash News Online

She got a stern warning from the judge, but no more jail time.

After failing a drug test, Lindsay Lohan was sent back to rehab until at least Jan. 3 after she made a written plea to a judge for more treatment.

The actress, wearing a black blazer and skinny blue jeans, appeared before L.A. Superior Court Judge Elden Fox on Friday to deal with her relapse.

The judge ordered her to continue treatment at the Betty Ford Center.

More to come...

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: What's Up Between Them?

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West an item?

The pair have been spotted together several times this week, meeting up for a dinner with pals in Chicago on Tuesday and again for a birthday yachting trip with friends in New York on Thursday.

Even though the two have seen a lot of each other, a Kardashian source pours cold water on the idea the two stars are heating up.

"Kim is just friends with" West, says the source. "There is nothing going on romantically. Kanye and Kim are just friends and have been forever."

Kardashian turned up to support West, 33, at the premiere of his new film Runaway in Chicago. According to reports, the pair hung out at a private dinner afterward. Two days later, West returned the favor and was by Kardashian's side as she celebrated her 30th birthday with friends and family on a yacht in New York on Thursday.

"She thinks Kanye is a really cool guy," says the source, "but they're friends and only friends."

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Real Housewives: Which Sister's Side Are You On?

The second episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought the sibling rivalry between Kim and Kyle Richards to a full boil.

The sisters headed to Palm Desert, Calif., to celebrate Easter at their family's vacation home, and the bickering started immediately, because Kyle thought the house wasn't cleaned properly after its last use. While grocery shopping, they argued over whether to use real butter or a butter substitute and the proper pronunciation of "salsa." Later, in front of their guest, costar Lisa VanderPump, they nitpicked over each other's ingredients and traded insults about one another's figure.

At a birthday party for Kim's daughter Whitney, things really got ugly during a discussion about whether or not Whitney should head to Houston for the summer to spend time with her father, her boyfriend and her friends.

"I think it will end up being permanent," Kim said, giving reasons why she thought her daughter should stay in Los Angeles.

"Kim is too dependent on her kids and we disagree a lot about that," Kyle said, later adding, "It really bothers me when Kim will take a fun situation and turn it into something negative."

In front of Whitney, who was trying celebrating her 20th birthday at a day spa, the discussion continued. "You just want your kids with you because you don't want to be by yourself," Kyle said. "Kim needs to learn to stand on her own."

"I expect the support of my family," Kim complained. "Loyalty between sisters is trusting that the other one will be behind you no matter what."

So, what do you think? Does Kyle have the right to share her opinions openly in front of her nieces even though she disagrees with their mom? Or should she support her sister and bow to her parenting decisions?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hilary Duff's Wedding Day Problem: My Tooth Fell Out


Like any bride, Hilary Duff had plenty of reasons to smile on her wedding day – until one of her teeth fell out.

"I was sitting on the bed with my mom and my sister, and they're like, 'You're an idiot. You did not. Come on,' " Duff, 23, says in an interview airing Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The actress-singer, who tied the knot with longtime hockey player beau Mike Comrie, 30, in August, says her dental dilemma happened at about 11 a.m. on her wedding day, just three hours before she needed to start getting ready.

"I burst into tears," she says. "Then I started laughing at myself, and then I really burst into tears."

So who saved her big day? Her wedding planner, whose sister's husband's best friend is a dentist in Montecito, Calif.

Gap tooth-grin evasion aside, her romantic, candlelit ceremony went off without a hitch.

"The actual wedding was perfect," she says. "Thank God I didn't swallow [my tooth]. Not good for a bride on her wedding day."

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Maria Sharapova Engaged to Lakers Star Sasha Vujacic

 Looks like a match made in athletic heaven for tennis star Maria Sharapova and her now-fiancé, L.A. Lakers shooting guard Sasha Vujacic.

The three-time Grand Slam champ's rep confirmed the engagement to CNBC.

"Maria Sharapova's agent Max Eisenbud has confirmed to me that she is engaged to the Lakers' Sasha Vujacic," sports reporter Darren Rovell Tweeted.

Vujacic, 26, popped the question to Sharpova, 23, Tuesday night at his Manhattan Beach, Calif. Home, reports Yahoo! Sports.

The couple were first spotted last November cozying up at a U2 concert in L.A. They have been dating for nearly a year.


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David Arquette: Enjoying the Single Life

Making the most of his newfound singlehood, David Arquette was spotted out and about in West Hollywood last night (October 20).

The “Never Been Kissed” actor looked to be in great spirits as he hit up the Las Palmas lounge for a night of fun.

Arquette and his soon-to-be ex-wife Courteney Cox appear in the new trailer for “Scream 4,” due out in April 2011.

The horror flick brings Neve Campbell back to the big screen, and also adds new victims to the series, like Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, and Shenae Grimes.

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Kim Kardashian: 30th Birthday Bikini Tribute

Making for quite the momentous milestone in her life, Kim Kardashian is celebrating her 30th birthday today, October 21, 2010.

Shooting to stardom with the help of her famously curvaceous physique, the brunette beauty has since launched multiple television shows, clothing and beauty offerings and partaken in countless other endeavors.

As of late, Miss Kardashian is in such high demand that she's found herself selected for photo shoots with Justin Bieber, feature treatment in Kanye West's new movie and numerous magazine cover features.

Having already celebrated two early birthday fetes, Kim is gearing up for a big bash at Glo Nightclub in Westbury, New York on Saturday night (October 23).

Rumor has it, the E! star will be doted with a birthday cake worth over $1 million dollars.

Danielle Orsino, a spokesperson for Glo Nightclub, told Radar Online, "The jeweler is going to encrust the cake with loose diamonds worth over a million dollars. Their goal is to break the record for the most expensive cake ever made which was 1.65 million dollars."

To celebrate one of our favorite ladies around turning 30, enjoy the rarely-seen bikini pictures of the lovely Kim Kardashian!

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Justin Timberlake Hasn't Found Time for Relationship (with Golf)

With his booming career in music and movies, Justin Timberlake is never short of work. But all work and no play makes a golf bag very dusty.

"My game is pretty terrible," Timberlake, 29, said Tuesday at his Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas. "You know, it's that old thing. When the work is good, the game suffers. But you work so you can play."

This year alone, Timberlake has filmed three movies – The Social Network and the yet-to-be-released Bad Teacher and Friends With Benefits – which has left him with little time to work on the game he holds near and dear to his heart.

In fact, he said, this week is the first golf he's played in four months.

Timberlake is in the third year of a five-year commitment to host his charity tournament in Vegas, which always wraps with a blowout concert. On Saturday, Timberlake will perform at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino as part of the JT and Friends concert, along with Elton John, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Salt-N-Pepa and Lady Antebellum, among others.

While he's grateful and excited to have a lineup of top acts, Timberlake isn't reluctant to say who he thinks will be the real crowd pleaser. "I'm going to go out on a limb and say [Elton John] is going to bring the house down," he says.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beyoncé Knowles Mom Denies Pregnancy Rumor

 Tina Knowles wants to set the record straight: Daughter Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are not expecting a baby – at least, not yet.

"I'm here to clear the rumors up. The truth is that's it's not Beyoncé that's pregnant. It's me," Knowles says with a smile in an interview airing Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Really? "I'm kidding y'all. I'm 56. No, no, it's not true [about Beyoncé]. Not right now."

Tina has learned not to pay much attention all the speculation about whether her pop-star daughter, 29, is pregnant. "With all the rumors, by now I should have five or six grandchildren," she says.

But when it does happen, she'll be thrilled. "I'm looking forward to it," she says.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who have been married two years, were spotted in Miami Wednesday night. The singer was reportedly looking svelte as ever.

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Glee's Naya Rivera 'Was a Nerd' In High School


It's not a case of art imitating life for Glee star Naya Rivera, who plays devilish Cheerios cheerleader Santana on Fox's hit show.

"In high school, I was most like Artie and Rachel. I knew what I wanted, like Rachel, although I wasn't as obnoxious," Rivera – who made her onscreen debut at age 4 – tells Fitness magazine. "But like Artie, I was a nerd, always trying to fit in and get my hair to lie flat."

Before finding her footing as an actress, Rivera, 23, tried her hand at athletics.

"My dad always wanted me to be sporty, so I tried softball," Rivera said. "I was 12 and tiny, and all the other girls were huge and looked 25. I was too afraid of the ball to bat."

But now that she's performing on TV in a cheerleading uniform, she's found her own way of staying in shape. "Legs and butt get the most attention in the Cheerios uniform," she says, "so those are my target areas. Lots of squats!"

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Jennifer Aniston Rumors Were 'Hurtful,' Says Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins

A sampling of life in the Hollywood rumor mill has left Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins with a bad taste in his mouth.

In particular, the actor is still dismayed by a tabloid report that he wooed and then rejected Jennifer Aniston – a fabrication he says spread like "wildfire" after an innocent dinner in September with his actress friend.

"That was really, really weird and hurtful," Hopkins, 40, tells Parade. "I've been working in this business for a long time, and it's the first time I've ever found myself caught up in the middle of tabloid journalism."

Hopkins took the initial speculation about a possible romantic involvement with Aniston in stride – "There are worse people to be in a rumor with," he told PEOPLE – but later took offense to a report that he did get involved with Aniston, and treated her badly.

"It just felt dirty and invasive," he says. "It gave me so much empathy for real celebrities, people that have lived with this frenzied scrutiny for their entire life."

As for actual romantic involvements, Hopkins tells Parade a little bit about what he's seeking in a girlfriend.

"I look for sense of humor, and by that I just mean a girl that would laugh at my jokes," he says with a smile. "And I don't like real clingy. I like some independence, and I like them to have some independence, too."

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Audrina Patridge & Whitney Port Throw a Dance Party

• The dancing never stops! Dancing with the Stars contestant Audrina Patridge had a mini-Hills reunion with pal Whitney Port at Las Palmas in L.A. Patridge was there to host a launch party for Ubisoft's Just Dance 2, a new Nintendo Wii video game. At one point, she teamed up with Port for a spirited run through the game, busting a move on the dance floor. But they also spent time gossiping and catching up at the bash, which also brought out DWTS pro Karina Smirnoff and Brandy.

• Glee's Amber Riley wished Holly Robinson Peete's daughter Ryan a happy 13th birthday during a private bash at The Talk co-host's L.A. home. The group also celebrated with cake batter-flavored Cold Stone Creamery ice cream – and some signature cupcakes.

• Let the birthday celebrations continue! Kim Kardashian may not officially turn 30 until Thursday, but the starlet got a sweet surprise in Toronto: a cake furnished by I Do! Wedding Cakes. Kardashian was doing a meet and greet with fans at Sherway Gardens after a busy day of media appearances as the face of FusionBeauty.

• Newlywed David Schwimmer stopped by Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago for a party to celebrate his new film, Trust, which he directed. The former Friend mingled with guests at the bash, after debuting his movie at the Chicago International Film Festival.

• Days after announcing his split from wife Laura Dern, singer Ben Harper was spotted grabbing a bite at The Counter: Custom Built Burgers in Santa Monica, Calif. Harper had a burger with friends and was "laughing and joking around with the staff," an onlooker tells us.


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Taylor Swift Doesn't Have Thick Skin

 By now, people should know it's not a good idea to cross Taylor Swift.

On her new album, Speak Now, the singer, 20, not only calls out a "dark, twisted" game-playing ex-boyfriend (could it be John Mayer?) in "Dear John," but the singer also gives a lyrical lashing to a harsh critic in "Mean."

Swift tells PEOPLE the subject of her song is "a person who was repeatedly, constantly, perpetually ruining my day with the mean things that he was writing."

She may be referring to music blogger Bob Lefsetz, who, to put it nicely, is not a fan of her singing and even wrote Tuesday that the song is probably about him.

Though she says she can handle people's negative comments, they still sting. "I don't have thick skin," says Swift. "I feel everything."

The singer, a former middle school outcast who says she's "never felt popular," has been dealing with nasty critics since childhood.

"I know what it’s like to be standing on a little tiny stage at the local garden party, and this guy who’s been bullying me all year walks by and starts staring and screaming up at the stage, and heckling."

"Mean," she says, "is about bullying at a different stage in my life. I’m not at school and I still know what it feels like."

Maintaining a balanced perspective helps her move forward. "I’m very happy to say I have many more great and good days than I have bad days," admits the singer. "That's the goal and I’m going to keep that as the goal, and we’ll see what happens."

Read more about Swift's life now and her new album and in the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

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Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth Are Not Engaged - Yet


Wedding bells aren't ringing quite yet for Reese Witherspoon and her agent beau Jim Toth.

Despite reports suggesting the couple are ready to take their relationship to the next step, the actress's rep tells PEOPLE, "They are not engaged."

The couple, who began dating in January, have been dividing their time between Los Angeles and Vancouver in recent months while Witherspoon films This Means War in Vancouver.

"Jim knows Reese is the one for him. It's what he's been waiting for," says a source. "[Getting engaged] is a natural step for them but they're not in a rush. There's no deadline, no timetable. But it's something in the future."

Additional reporting by JENNIFER GARCIA

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Are 'Just Fine,' Says Source

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Are 'Just Fine,' Says Source | Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson with baby Hank


Don't count on Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett to be the latest celebrity couple to split.

Amid rumors of trouble, Wilkinson took to Twitter to write: "How handsome do my 2 favorite men look???" and linked to photos of Baskett and their son, who turns 1 in December, on her Web site.

Internet reports surfaced that Wilkinson plans to move to L.A. with her son – but without her pro athlete husband. A source confirms the reality star will be splitting her time between California and Minnesota, where Baskett plays football for the Vikings, but only because of work.

The couple are "just fine," the source says. "She'll be spending the majority of her time in L.A. because of work and because her family is here in San Diego."

The source adds: "They're all good in their relationship. Their living situation is always very up in the air. But Kendra likes to have a base in L.A."

For now, Wilkinson is prepping for her new season of her hit E! show Kendra, and will return to L.A., but "she'll always be back and forth," the source adds. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Are 'Just Fine,' Says Source| Couples, Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett and Hank Baskett Jr.

Courtesy Celebuzz

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Saints QB Drew Brees Welcomes Second Son

There’s a new footballer in the family.

Drew Brees and wife Brittany welcomed their second child, son Bowen Christopher Brees, on Tuesday, Oct. 19, the New Orleans Saints quarterback announced.

Brees — who received over 6,000 suggestions after soliciting his followers for uncommon ‘B’ names via Twitter earlier this month — wrote, “Healthy, happy baby. Big hands, big feet. Brit is great. I am so proud!”

Bowen joins big brother Baylen Robert, 19 months, who celebrated with Brees, 31, on the field after the Saints cinched their Super Bowl win in February.

– Sarah Michaud

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Snooki Is into Willow Smith's Hair Whipping

 is not one to let a hot trend pass her by. Cue her own take on Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair."

Standing in what looks like her bedroom, the notorious Jersey Shore trainwreck dances, gestures and pouts her way through a YouTube video with Smith's runaway single playing in the background.

There is, of course, much hair-whipping, and the reality star even gets her little dog in on the act, having him shake his fur for the camera.

– Sara Hammel

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Kristen Stewart: I Can't Wait to See the Baby

Kristen Stewart is taking on motherhood.

In the final chapters of the vampire franchise that made her famous, the actress plays mom to her child with Edward Cullen -- a.k.a. Robert Pattinson.

Taking a break from promoting her new film 'Welcome to the Rileys,' Kristen talked about 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.'

"It's sort of a cliché thing, everybody says 'we're like a family' ... [but] we really sort of are and we're really lucky for it, too," she says of getting the gang back together for the series' fourth installment.

"I do worry about things remaining consistent," she admits. "Each time we just sort of slip right into it. I'm sure it's because we get along really well."

In this chapter, her character Bella Swan becomes a mom with the love of her life. "They become a family, finally," she says. "I mean, they have a baby together. They have a little half-breed. I can't wait to see the baby."

Meanwhile on 'Welcome to the Rileys,' she says, "I had a really great director and a really great script." The film opens November 10.

The first part of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' opens November 18.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dancers 'Bewitch,' 'Monkee' Around on 'DWTS' Theme Song Night

"Dancing with the Stars" brought TV favorites to life on Monday night as the cast of the ABC hit reality competition choreographed their acts to the tune of classic TV theme songs.

After a retrospective of the first several weeks of the show, Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were the first to dance. The pair performed the quickstep to the theme song from "Friends" to rave reviews and a score of 27. "It was, without doubt, your best dance," judge Len Goodman complimented, while judge Bruno Tonioli said, "You found the right formula because I'm telling you, it's working."

Iconic TV mom Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas tangoed to, appropriately, the tune from "The Brady Bunch," earning a score of 21. Bruno wasn't impressed, critiquing, "Why go into a kind of rag doll mode?" Judge Carrie Ann Inaba disagreed, telling Florence, "You're a sexy senior and you worked it," while Len took it even further, saying, "I think that's possibly your best dance so far."

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya put the judges under their spell with their quickstep to the theme song from "Bewitched," which earned a 24. Carrie Ann raved, "I think I just saw the spirit of Gene Kelly enter the body of Kurt Warner!" Bruno agreed, saying, "The magic is back. I like it when you're 'Bewitched.'"

Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani's rumba to the theme from "The Hills" earned a 23. "That was an excellent rumba," Len told the pair. Bruno had mixed feelings, telling them, "Oddly enough, technically you have improved. ... But, I wanted [a dance that was] pulsating with passion. [The] rumba has to smolder! Don't be plastic, be fantastic -- because you can."

Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer's quickstep to the tune from "Charlie's Angels" received wildly mixed reviews from the judges, earning a total score of 20. Bruno opened up the comments, saying, "One thing is for sure, you bring out the feel-good factor … Nevertheless, this was a foxtrot possessed by disco fever. There wasn't enough foxtrot." Carrie Ann said, "I disagree. … I thought you did a great job." Len had the strongest opinion of all, declaring, "It started bad and it gradually got worse and worse. That was a joke. I couldn't stand it, I thought it was terrible."

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke wowed the judges with their rumba, danced to the theme song from "Hill Street Blues." Their dance earned a 24, with Carrie Ann crowing, "Officer, I'd like to report a crime! It should be a crime that you can look that good and rumba so well." Len critiqued, "There's an ease and an elegance to your dancing … but I didn't get the feelings of a developing romance. It was more like a couple staying together for the sake of the children." Bruno followed that up with: "The children are going to be gorgeous. You went from Megatron to Mega-smooth!"

Birthday girl Bristol Palin (who turned 20 on Monday) and Mark Ballas' jive to the theme from "The Monkees" earned the night's lowest score: 18. The pair started out their dance in monkey suits, and Len said, "I liked the monkey suits and I'd have liked you to have kept them on a little longer. … Well done." Bruno said that Bristol "really tried to perform and it worked," but added that her technique suffered. Carrie Ann also noted that the technique had issues, but complimented, "Bristol, I'm so happy for you because this show is about making a transformation and trying someone new, and you really made a transformation."

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough's foxtrot to the theme from "Married with Children" earned a 25. Bruno called it, "pristine, elegant, beautifully danced," but Carrie Ann said, "it wasn't nearly your best," and Len commented, "For me, it's all a bit too theatrical."

Tune in to "Dancing with the Stars" Tuesday night on ABC to see who will be next to be eliminated!

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Jessica Szohr Brightens Up the "Gossip Girl" Set

Kicking off another work week, Jessica Szohr turned up on the set of "Gossip Girl" in New York City on Monday (October 18).

Donning quite the interestingly clashing ensemble, the Vanessa Abrams actress chatted on her cell phone while preparing to shoot scenes with co-stars Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford.

The day's work outing comes just as Miss Szohr's on/off beau Ed Westwick offered up an interview to Bang Showbiz about how he's only ever loved one woman - his mother.

Leaving Jess out of the conversation, Ed dished, "I’ve only been in love once - with my mom. There’s only one woman in my life. Am I a mummy’s boy? Absolutely. I love her."

Continuing on, Westwick told, "I was a 24/7 stud. It came effortlessly, girls were dripping off me. No, not at all. I'm joking. I was jealous of one of my friends at school because he was always dating the older, good-looking girls. That never happened to me."

He adds, " I like girls who can hold a conversation - and a pretty face doesn’t hurt. But I don’t have a type. I’ve been attracted to girls and it is not about looks. You get that connection and sometimes it’s totally involuntary.”

Enjoy the pictures of Jessica Szohr on the set of "Gossip Girl" (October 18).

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Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani's Rumba to Be 'Like Making Love'

 This week my partner Tony Dovolani and I are doing the rumba. The dance is similar to the Argentine tango, except without the lifts and tricks. It's very passionate, sensual and sultry. Tony calls it the dance of love and says the emotion should be like making love on the dance floor – which is a little awkward and weird! I'm definitely still getting used to it. Thankfully, our Argentine tango last week was very up close and personal, so that kind of prepared me for this.

It's also TV-theme week, and the producers surprised us with the theme song to The Hills, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. Every week is a new surprise! When Tony showed me which song we were assigned, I was really excited. "Unwritten" is a great song, and I love Natasha Bedingfield. Every time I hear that song, I automatically think of the intro to The Hills. It really brings back all those memories. Now I get to create a new memory, and I'll never forget this either.

Tony and I are going to bring everything that was on The Hills – the drama, flirtation and relationship ups and downs – into our dance. It's going to be very fun!

Because we were always at the pool, by the beach or on vacation on The Hills, I was always wearing bikinis. So my costume this week is going to be inspired by bathing suits. It's not exactly a bikini, but it's definitely inspired by them. My costume has a lot of chiffon and it's sparkly and hot pink, very girly and short. It's going to look really cute!

I have been so busy since we finished The Hills that I haven't really spoken with the other cast members. I try to keep up on Twitter with Stephanie and Lo and Justin texted me about a month ago to wish me luck and tell me that he's proud of me, but that's about it. I have gotten some awesome texts and well-wishes from the producers and crew. A few of the executive producers came to visit me last Tuesday while I was in hair and makeup on the set of DWTS. They said that I'm doing great and they're so happy for me. It was really, really nice to see them!

I've been super busy this week. I rarely get to see my family, so during my off time when I'm not dancing with Tony, I usually hang out with my boyfriend or visit my family. Saturday, I rehearsed from eight in the morning till one, and then I flew straight to Las Vegas to watch my boyfriend Corey Bohan compete in the Dew Tour. I came back first thing Sunday morning and went straight to rehearsal.

Corey has been in the Dancing With the Stars audience every Monday and Tuesday. He comes early and hangs out with me in my trailer, gives me a foot or back massage and then leaves to sit in the audience. Afterwards, we always go to dinner together. It was nice that this time I got to show him some support and sit in the audience watching HIM!

I hope everyone is enjoying the show and that I'm surprising people every week. I'm actually surprising myself! I didn't think that I could ever dance like this. I came into Dancing With the Stars with a clean slate. Everything I've learned, I've learned from Tony. He's such a great teacher. Hopefully this week all The Hills lovers will enjoy our dance – and vote!


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